Text Box: Frequently Asked Questions


Novel Opening Chapters, Flash Fiction and Short Story Frequently Asked Questions


I forgot to remove my name and/or contact details from my entry, will it be disqualified?

Iím afraid so. For your entry to be considered, you would need to resubmit the chapter, story or poem after payment of a second entry fee.

How will you know which entries are mine if I donít put my name on them?

All entries are given a number under which they are logged together with your name and email address.

Can I cut and paste my entry into the body of an email?

No. All entries are sent for judging anonymously. This is not possible if it has been submitted in the body of an email.

Can I use a pen name?

Yes, when the entry is logged it will go under the name you give as your preference in the covering email.

What happens if I go over the 500-word limit for the flash fiction competition, or over the 3,000-word limit for the novel opening or short story competitions?

Your entry would be disqualified. Please ensure you keep within the word/line limits.

Can I make changes to my entries after they have been submitted?

No changes are allowed after entries have been submitted (see our rules).

Does having a chapter or story on my own blog count as publication?

Yes. The same applies to work on any site which is publically accessible. (Password protected critique sites, where only members can read the work, would not be considered as published.)

Can I send the same story that I entered in a previous Flash 500 category?

Yes, but you cannot submit any entry which has won one of our cash prizes as the stories are published on our website.

I donít have a PayPal account, but would like to pay by credit or debit card. How can I be sure that my card payment is safe?

PayPal is an internationally secure way to make an online payment. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit or debit card.

I would rather not pay online. Is it possible to pay by cheque?

Yes. Please use the contact button on the menu to ask for further details.

When will the competition winners be announced?

The final results for all our competitions are announced approximately six weeks after the closing dates. However, the long lists and short lists are posted earlier.

Does Flash 500 have a filter system in place before the entries are sent to the judges?

Yes, we receive far too many entries for our judges to be able to read them all. Our primary readers are all published writers.

Does copyright remain with the author?

Copyright remains with the author, but entry implies acceptance of Flash 500 being able to publish first, second and third placed winning entries in the flash fiction and short story categories on the website. First place in the flash fiction category will also be published in Words with JAM.

Winning entries in the Novel Opening Chapter category will NOT be published on the website.